Apparently, Google thinks GMail is not secure enough to handle other GMail accounts. I’ve had my GMail account for almost 5 years now. At this point, a dozen other accounts from various providers are connected to this account as aliases or with POP-access.

Today, I found another account I wanted to connect. Let’s call it minxomat(@g[oogle] So I opened my root GMail account and fired up a new POP-fetch wizard as I’ve done many times before. Entered my credentials and was mildly surprised when they were refused. They couldn’t be wrong, since I had another PC access this very account.

I tried a few times, but the connection got refused every single time. Then, the new mail notification at [email protected] went crazy. A dozen or so mails came in at once, all saying one thing:

Login refused, because the app doesn’t support the necessary security standards.

There you have it, Google doesn’t trust GMail. So why do you? Why do I? #IlluminatiConfirmed